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Free, complete and free, the browser Firefox for Android is effective, well thought out and has serious advantages. We will especially remember its official library of extensions, its original interface, support for HTML5 and the possibility of synchronizing parameters, bookmarks and open tabs.

With Firefox for Android, the Mozilla foundation competes with Google Chrome Mobile, the default browser for Android, as well as the Norwegian duo Opera Mobile Android and Opera Mini Android. What does Firefox offer on Android? What is it worth?

Firefox: a free and modern browser

The browser Firefox in Android version has serious advantages. In addition to a good overall responsiveness, Firefox again plays the card of personalization with the support of extensions available from the official Mozilla library.

It is light, intuitive and stands out thanks to its intuitive, light interface allowing good handling of tabs and online reading thanks to several accessibility functions such as zoom and online text size.

Firefox for Android

Intuitive handling

Ergonomics side, Firefox for Android offers simple and efficient management of tabs in the form of thumbnails with the possibility of closing all of them and managing those opened in private browsing mode. The browser also manages synchronized bookmarks and their categories.

The management of browsing history and downloads is also required, all within a very simple interface.

Confidential browsing

In order to navigate more safely, Firefox for Android includes a private browsing mode that automatically deletes the history at the end of the session. For people concerned about their digital identity, Firefox includes an ad blocker.

In the same vein, the parameters allow erasing user traces in one click in order to clean open tabs, browsing and search history, cache cookies, synchronized tabs as well as form data.

Firefox for Android

Retrieve your Firefox settings

The Android version is also provided with the secure synchronization tool “Firefox Sync” integrated by default in Firefox Windows, Mac and Linux. By entering identifiers, it allows free storage on Mozilla’s secure servers of user parameters, history, saved passwords and open tabs so that they can be found on Firefox Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux .