Firefox: the native anti-tracking test

While Mozilla has just delivered the final version of Firefox 41, the beta version of Firefox 42 can already be tested. It inaugurates native protection against tracking in private browsing mode.

This feature first appeared in Firefox Developer Edition last month. Before finalization in Firefox 42, the test thus passes on a larger scale. And precisely, Mozilla is looking for comments on this subject.

Remember that this involves blocking domains, third-party cookies and sites known to track navigation. Unlike Do Not Track where the site editors decide whether or not to follow up on the request for anti-tracking, control is entirely in the hands of the user here… if it is in private browsing mode .

Firefox-42-beta-navigation-private-anti-trackingIn the address bar, a shield icon informs about the blocking of tracking attempts. It also disables protection for a session. This may be necessary if the disappearance or blocking of certain elements on a Web page impairs its proper display.

Firefox-42-beta-navigation-private-anti-tracking-2The final version of Firefox 42 is scheduled for the week of November 2. The protection against tracking concerns Firefox for Windows, OS X, Linux, as well as Firefox for Android.