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Firefox Preview 3.0: increased security for Android, improved toolbar, download APK

It's a good time that Mozilla is working hard on a major update of Firefox for Android. The 3.0 version of the browser will not be released until next year, but a prversion is already available, and amne all a lot of new.

Firefox Preview 3

Almost every day, Firefox reveals a new version of its browser, whether for computers or mobiles. Today is the Android edition that deserves all our attention. The Preview 3.0 Firefox, which can be downloaded in the form of APK file, enhances security and offers new features, such as positioning the toolbar.

Best level of security, placement of the address bar … Firefox 3.0 is full of new

The new Firefox 3.0 for Android prversion borrows the computer edition one of its most important elements in terms of security and management of private life. The browser further blocks internet tracking, preventing any kind of third-party service from creating cookies. Firefox is also analyzing your browsing behavior and stops advertising more effectively. There is also in this new version a better level of confidentiality and especially the possibility ofopen by default tabs in private navigation. Finally, it is possible to block the automatic playback or background of audio and video media.

Another novelty: you have now the means to place the navigation bar at the top. It disappears when you scroll down the page you are viewing. You can also force zooming on all websites for accessibility reasons. The scan option on the side of the address bar and containing the sharing and playback functions has been removed. It is nevertheless accessible from the burger menu. In addition, an option to add custom search engines is finally available. Finally, you can now add search engines those integrated by default the application.

It will be necessary to wait a little while before all these news are available within the stable version 3.0 of Firefox. In the meantime, it is still possible to download the Nightly, to test them in preview.

Download Firefox Preview on the Play Store

Download Firefox Preview 3.0 on APK Mirror

Source: Android Police