Firefox 50 starts faster

Firefox for iOS: things are getting clearer

So far, Mozilla's first attempt to penetrate iOS via its Firefox brand has been Firefox Home. A free application that was finally abandoned and allowed on an iPhone to access the history, bookmarks and open tabs of the Firefox browser on the desktop computer.

Due to constraints linked to the iOS environment and Apple's distribution mode, there was no question of offering the Firefox browser on iPhone or iPad. The discourse changed at the end of 2014 and notably thanks to iOS 8 and a WebKit API allowing third-party applications to have JavaScript performance at the height of Safari.

" Firefox for iOS, let's do it! ", a kind of challenge launched to the developers of Mozilla which found an echo near them, even if that means to leave aside the rendering engine Gecko however inseparable from Firefox.

On GitHub, code concerning Firefox for iOS was published and in parallel a bug management was opened on Bugzilla. It is specified that the work is ongoing and is based on initial ideas. A code which could therefore suddenly be very different from this first proposition.

However, iGeneration has gone to compilation and has published some screenshots:

Firefox-iOS-iGeneration-1 Firefox-iOS-iGeneration-2

The project mentions the use of Apple's Swift programming language, while on Bugzilla it alludes to the management of Firefox accounts, data synchronization and a reading mode but above all a full browser.

To see if this project will succeed in bringing together many Mozilla developers.