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FireFighter 360 competition at 9 p.m.

Presselite, which we must among others Metro Paris, has just put online a very nice new game: ” Firefighter 360 β€œ.

Firefighter is a game exploiting the reality is increasing in which you play the role of a firefighter. You will have to, using the camera of your iPhone, find and turn off all the virtual lights in your real environment by physically turning on yourself.

In addition to extinguishing the flames, you will also need to save those threatened by the fire while being careful not to get too far from your truck.

A video and images of the game are available on the forum.

Information for the competition:

Belgium-iPhone and Presselite are happy to offer you a contest allowing you to win 7 licenses of this game. To do this, you just have to answer from 9pm tonight and until 3pm tomorrow the following question (only on the blog):

Which application said by Presselite allows you to use the augmented reality in the city ​​of light ?