iphone mac ipad Trouver lhistorique du presse papier sur Mac et iPhone

Find clipboard history on Mac and iPhone

iphone mac ipad Find clipboard history on Mac and iPhone

Has it ever happened to you to copy and paste before having pasted the previous one? Yes ? In this case, you have to search the history of this clipboard on both Mac and iPhone. No need to keep searching, the Apple ecosystem does not plan to access the clipboard history, only the latest information copied. To do this, you will need to call a third-party application.

1. The clipboard

The clipboard is a place where temporary information is stored. It may be text, links, documents anything you can copy + C or cut + X. On iOS or macOS, only the last copied item is kept in the clipboard. The paste action + V does not empty the clipboard. This is why you can paste the same thing several times without having to go through a copy.

In the recent Apple ecosystem, this is a clipboard universal. This means that your Apple devices connected to the same iCloud account have the same clipboard. You can paste text copied from your Mac to your iPhone. It is on this same system that you can take a screenshot of your Mac and paste it on your iPhone.

Continuity tutorial 320x208 Find the history of the clipboard on Mac and iPhone

2. Find the clipboard

The clipboard has no history. However, you can see what's currently in there, without the need to paste.

For that :

2.1. Open the Finder ;

2.2. Come on edition > Show clipboard.

mac clipboard finder Find clipboard history on Mac and iPhone

You can see that it is not only the plain text that is saved, but also the layout, the links, etc. If it is a file, only its name will appear.

mac clipboard 1 Find the clipboard history on Mac and iPhone

What about the iPhone? You cannot access the clipboard directly from your iPhone. However, thanks to the universal clipboard, by consulting the clipboard of your Mac you also access that of your iPhone.

mac clipboard 2 Find the clipboard history on Mac and iPhone

3. Mac and iPhone clipboard history

There are a number of applications that support clipboard history. Type Clipboard on the (Mac) App Store and you will find the shovel.

What if you were more demanding? Request an application forclipboard history with iCloud synchronization ! This is like having the history of the universal clipboard. There too, but less.

Let’s take a look at an easy to use and free app: CloudClip.

563362017 Find clipboard history on Mac and iPhone

It is advisable to check the option so that the app remembers turning on the Mac. You don't know when you might need it.

When the application is open, you can see it in the menu bar, represented by scissors.

Once you're sure it's open, there's nothing you can do. It will automatically save the copied elements, whether texts, files, images

However, you can empty the copies it saves and set the limit that the app will store.

To get an item

3.1. Click on the icon CloudClip ;

3.2. Select an item;

3.3. Paste it normally.

mac cloudclip Find clipboard history on Mac and iPhone

This application is also available on iPhone.

It has the same functionality and the elements copied and selected are synchronized.

iphone cloudclip Find clipboard history on Mac and iPhone

However, for intensive use, Copied is more suitable. There are more settings and the ability to make lists. These additional features come at a price.

The iOS version also exists, but if you want to synchronize your clipboard history, this will be done with an in-app purchase.

In the end, even if Apple does not have a history of its clipboard either on Mac or on iPhone, this will not prevent you from accessing it.

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