Finally the ProMotion 120Hz screen on the iPhone 12, and not the iPhone 11?

Finally the ProMotion 120Hz screen on the iPhone 12, and not the iPhone 11?

iphone xii iphone 12 iconOne rumor drives out another. While we had mentioned more than once the arrival of the 120 Hz screen on the next iPhone 11, Apple could improve the display frequency than in 2020, with the iPhone 12.

If you don't know, this display refreshes twice as often appeared on the iPad Pro 2017. Apple calls it Promotion and adapts the speed according to the needs of iOS. For video games, for example, the difference is really interesting since it greatly facilitates animation, see NBA 2K Mobile.

iphone 12 2020 pro motion 120 hz

A dubious source for ProMotion on iPhone

ProMotion has been able to make itself essential for two years on the iPad Pro, but is still not available on the latest iPhone, however also expensive. After Ming-Chi Kuo, it is UniversIce which revives the rumor. But according to him, ProMotion will be reserved for the iPhone 2020 and not the iPhone 2019. Understand that the iPhone XI should be even less interesting than expected.

This information is taken with tweezers for two reasons. It contradicts several reliable judge sources and comes from a leaker especially known at Samsung. In addition, you should know that a 120 Hz OLED notch has never been seen on smartphones, the technology is still too expensive. Apple could be the first to achieve this feat, we hope in any case for this year.

On the other hand, there is already a 120 Hz smartphone, the Razer Phone released in 2017.

For the rest, the iPhone 12 of 2020 should be the best vintage since the iPhone X with three new screen sizes, 5G, a narrowed Face ID, a rear 3D sensor and some surprises found in our full article on the 'iPhone XII.
The Californian manufacturer would not be the first on this market. At the end of 2017, Razer launched its own player smartphone that turns 120 Hz at maximum. This rumor is in any case added to the catalog of novelties more or less planned for next year: three screen sizes (5.4 '', 6.1 '' and 6.7 ''), OLED for everyone including the successor to the iPhone XR, 5G of course (but not for all models), and a 3D time-of-flight sensor at the back.

Look at the difference between the refresh rates 24 and 60Hz, the 120 Hz is doubly better:

pro motion 24 hz 60 hz 120 hz comparatif.gif