Intel still supplier of 4G modems for the iPhone 11?

Finally the iPhone 5G made in Apple in 2021?

iPhoneApple will produce its own 5G modems chips, it is certain since the acquisition yesterday of the division in question from Intel. While we expected iPhone equipped with the first chip "made in Apple" around 2025, Reuters announces that Apple would like to launch its own 5G modems within 2 years, in 2021.

intel modem 5g not on iphone

Qualcomm's 5G modem on the iPhone 12 in 2020, then Apple's in 2021?

If the 2019 models, the iPhone 11, will be equipped with 4G by Intel, the first iPhone 5G will obviously be the iPhone 12 in 2020. But the chip will be supplied by Qualcomm who signed a contract with Apple after years of war before the courts, and a few billion deal.

Although the two firms are linked for five to six years on this point, Apple could very well produce its own 5G chips and integrate them on specific models (or in certain markets) in order to launch the machine.

One of the sources in the file says that Apple wants to speed things up, while doing it responsibly.

We then head for an iPhone 12S or iPhone 13 without notch (why not folding) and almost entirely equipped by Apple …