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Filmora: excellent Windows & Mac video editing software

Do you want to be the new Tarantino or simply impress your family or friends? Wondershare Filmora is a modern and easy to use video editing software that allows you to create a movie with a quality final rendering, whether you are a beginner or one professional of the domain.

Filmora - Filmora: an excellent Windows & Mac video editing software

Filmora is a simple and modern user interface allowing you to create animated messages from a library of texts and titles, to insert music directly into your film, to add filters and overlays, as well as elements like still and animated graphics. The software offers to develop its video editing with more than 100 unique, simple or advanced visual effects.

Filmora basic features

  • Frame-by-frame editing : Take precise control of the video and audio frame by frame.
  • Speed ​​control : control the speed of your videos to create superb ultra-fast or magnificent slow motion effects (0.10x, 0.20x, 0.25x, 0.33x, 0.5x, 1.0x, 2.0x, 3.0x, 4.0x, 5.0 x and 10x).
  • Reverse video playback : Get fun and amazing effects by playing your videos in reverse.
  • HD compatibility : Bring more clarity to your video thanks to HD compatibility, to get a better close-up and see all the details.
  • Transitions : seamlessly combine your different videos and images with easy-to-use transition effects. Turn individual video clips into a beautiful, meaningful story.
  • Audio Separation : easily remove background noises or original music, replace them with the music of your choice.
  • GIF support : import, edit and export animated GIFs.
  • Audio Mixer & Equalizer : audio editing tools that give you complete control over how your video sounds.

For editing photos and videos, Filmora allows you to crop, tint, merge, cut, rotate, adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, aspect ratio, or speed. On the audio side, the software offers to crop, divide, adjust the volume, add a fade in, out, a voice-over, and change the speed.

filmora mac - Filmora: an excellent Windows & Mac video editing software

The advanced effects of Filmora

  • Advanced Text / Titles Editor : Create your own animated titles and adjust the titles in a way you like.
  • Image on Image (PIP) : put one image on top of another. Present a story from different angles by superimposing several videos in a frame.
  • Screen recording : Your screen recordings are automatically imported so they can be edited as soon as you finish.
  • Video stabilization : don’t worry about shaky videos anymore. Now fix the problem with one click.
  • Split Screen : present your story from different perspectives and create visual interest by posting more than one video at a time.
  • Green Screen : create special effects like a professional. Shoot your videos in front of a green or blue background and merge them with other backgrounds.
  • Tilt-Shift : Add some style to your videos and easily turn them more fun into miniature Tilt-Shift scenes.
  • Scene detection : Save time by an automatic scan which divides your videos into small video clips.

Once your masterpiece is finished, you can share it on social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) directly from Filmora, on iOS and Android devices or burn it to a DVD. If you find the free version of the software too limited, the license is sold € 39.99 for 1 year, or € 59.99 if you want to get a lifetime subscription.