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FIFA Football: FIFA World Cup13.1.11

FIFA Mobile for Android is a very good football game for Android smartphones and tablets. He proposes to compose a dream team and to face players from all over the world. Getting started is quick and easy and the content is regularly updated. Special mention to the event for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia!

Build your dream team

FIFA Mobile is a football game released on Android since 2016 in which it is possible to build a dream team of the best players in the world today and in the past. With Cristiano Ronaldo in the limelight, it is possible to learn the basic gestures as well as technical combinations to improve your game.

Over the levels, the goal will be to enrich your workforce, develop new techniques and acquire new players via a market, rewards or an exchange system between players.

Take your players to the top …

Just like the mode Ultimate Team on consoles, one of the most important elements of this game is to increase the NGE, the general score of the team, by training the players of the squad. It is thus possible to add experience bonuses or to increase the rating of a player with players from the same game sector.

Daily or weekly challenges and warm-ups also allow you to get your hands on new players. In this perspective, recruitment points gleaned from challenges offer the possibility of recruiting players from around the world according to their championship.

… to win solo or multi

FIFA Mobile is distinguished by its many modes of play in solo or multiplayer. National campaigns bring the player to face the teams of the French, English, Spanish, German or Italian championships during whole matches or defensive and / or offensive phases of play.

On this same system, the game offers a mode Multi Attack allowing to face players from all over the world during fast and intense phases of play. It will thus either defend his goals or attack to score. Special campaigns are also offered during special events.

On the road to the World Cup

To celebrate the 2018 World Cup in Russia, FIFA Mobile offers a mode FIFA World Cup in which the player chooses one of the 32 qualified selections to win the trophy and strengthen his workforce. The mode Multi-Attack is also there to face teams from around the world.

An original mode has also been implemented in order to predict World Cup matches and win rewards if the predictions are correct.