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FIFA 12 on temporary promotion

FIFA 12 on temporary promotion

To celebrate the end of the year properly, Electronic Arts has also decided to implement big promotions, with the very popular FIFA 12 now going from 7.99 to 0.79.

Sold for 7.99 on the App Store under normal circumstances, the football game FIFA 12 is temporarily available 0.79 on iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch. The opportunity is dreaming to get hold of this excellent football game from Electronic Arts.

As shown in the photo, the app offers the possibility of playing with two iPhones on an iPad screen, via a Gamepad application. The latter allows you to have more or less similar sensations as you can have when playing FIFA on a home console. Considered by many to be the benchmark for football games, FIFA 12 especially deserves to benefit from numerous official licenses, which should satisfy fans of football.

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