Fiber optics: France is now queen of deployment in Europe

Faced with its European neighbors, France is now on the podium in terms of fiber optic deployment. The country now has over 22 million potential lines and adds 5.5 million to its credit each year.

Network cables

France is now a good student in terms of optical fiber. A few days ago, we mentioned the fact that 13.6 million households now benefit from a very high speed subscription, which is almost half of internet subscribers in France. But in reality, the Hexagon has many more connectable lines. More than 22 million households are thus eligible for very high speed, an increase of 30% compared to last year.

The reason for this sudden increase? The deployment is taking place at high speed everywhere in France, and in particular in the large cities and their surroundings. In this regard, and according to figures from Idate, thea France is better than almost all of its European neighbors.

41 million fiber connections by 2026 in France

According to the study carried out by Idate on 39 countries for the FFTH Council Europe, and based on the figures released by Arcep a few days ago, France has started the turbo in terms of fiber installations. The country has overtaken all other countries in Europe, except Russia, which has 49 million locals who can benefit from a fiber or cable connection. It should be remembered that very high speed can be provided by technologies other than fiber. Cable is one of them, even if its speed is lower than an FTTH connection.

Despite the health situation, the country has 5.5 million additional lines in one year. If there are now more than 22 million eligible premises, the initial target of 30 million in 202 could be greatly exceeded in the coming years. Assuming that France continues its momentum, all private and professional premises could have optical fiber in the second half of 2024. Either a total of 41 million very high speed connections for the period in question.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, the deployment of fiber in France is quite disparate. This figure should therefore be taken with all the necessary tweezers, because come areas are more difficult to connect than others. While operators have tended to favor large cities, even these are not equipped under the same conditions. Paris and Lyon are almost 100% covered, but not Lille (46%) or Marseille (65%), for example. And in rural areas, a quarter of private and professional premises are eligible.

Source: Les Echos