Fiber eligibility test: Free updates its territory coverage map

Want to test if you are eligible for fiber? Free has just updated its interactive territory coverage map. The operator has just crossed the only one of the 20 million households covered in France. Free now covers more than 80% of connectable outlets.

Free ftth fiber eligibility card

The Managing Director of Free announced it last week: the operator “crossed […] the threshold of 20 million French households covered ” by optical fiber. Free, which was crowned number 1 in downstream speeds on fiber by the latest nPerf barometer, has been publishing since March 2020 a interactive FTTH coverage map. Map which is thus updated periodically. The map shows the territories covered – when you zoom in, it is possible to know very precisely the districts or even the parts of the cadastre covered by the fiber and those which are not.

If your home is not yet covered by Free fiber, the map also indicates the areas covered by ADSL and under what conditions. Since the last update, more than 2 million homes that can be connected to fiber have been added to the map. This brings the coverage rate of the 24 million plugs connectable by Free to 83%. The FAI is still present, especially in dense areas in the city. But cabling is also progressing in less dense areas. To do this, the operator joins numerous public initiative networks, as recently in Aisn, Brittany or Tarn-et-Garonne.

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And also relies on pooling with competing operators, notably Orange and SFR. How to test your eligibility for optical fiber? For that, it’s very simple. Click here to go to the interactive map of Free, and check that the card is in fiber mode and not ADSL, by clicking on the corresponding button at the top left of the map. From there you have two options: either you can zoom in on a point on the map, for example to check the coverage according to the zones of a district. Is you can enter your address directly in the field provided just above the map.