Fiber and 3G at the heart of Free’s strategy

Does Free bride have certain services for its subscribers?

Image 1: Fiber and 3G at the heart of Free's strategyFree this morning presented its financial results. If they are generally good, this conference was above all an opportunity to take stock of the group’s strategy and in particular the fourth 3G license.

Services, optical fiber and 3G

These are the three essential axes for the development of society. First, Free intends to strengthen its service offering: more VOD, boosted by the new media chronology inherited from the Hadopi law. The films will indeed be available four months after the theatrical release and no longer six. Fiber continues to be deployed, especially in Paris. About 70% of the buildings will be connected by the end of the year.

In the provinces, 120,000 homes have already been deployed and 800,000 planned for the second half of the year. The regulations are being finalized with conditions of competition and installation satisfactory for Iliad. Outside the dense areas, Iliad favors the pooling of an open common network. Thus, 1 billion euros will be invested by the operator to develop the fiber.

The fourth mobile license is also at the heart of the debate. Iliad remains very cautious about this license, however. Even if the company is in the best position to obtain it, it does not wish to comment on its application and does not prefer to decide on its obtaining. The rumor of yesterday concerning the stores to distribute its mobile offer is not confirmed, but reflections are in progress and especially suspended with the attribution of the license according to Maxime Lombardini, general manager of the group.

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