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Fenix ​​2 for Twitter2.7

Fenix ​​2 for Twitter2.7

Fenix ​​2 for Twitter2.7

Fenix ​​2 for Twitter is an application that allows you to enjoy Twitter in an intuitive, streamlined and easy to use interface. Its strong points are significant between multi-account management, the numerous parameters relating to notifications as well as the playback of external videos.

An intuitive and light client

Fenix ​​2 for TwitterFenix is a Twitter client for smartphones and tablets running Android 5.0 or higher. It allows you to change the official app by offering an intuitive, clear and English interface as well as new features.

Thus, the news feed allows a more pleasant reading because it displays only the tweets and their attachments, whether it is a link, a photo or a video. Other information such as favorites and retweets is available after selecting a tweet.

Its functionalities

Fenix simplifies the management of several Twitter accounts simultaneously and allows you to take advantage of local and global trends in the same window. The app also makes it easy to preview images and videos from external sites like YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Flickr as well as downloading them to the device.

Moreover, Fenix has a function Mute to hide a proper word, phrase or name in the blink of an eye, handy for getting the information that really matters when searching and browsing Twitter.

Even if the app always offers a single theme for all accounts, there is no shortage of customization options with the change of avatars, font, theme of the app as well as night mode within a defined time range.

Finally, note that this application is available on the Store at 2.39 €.