FBI iPhone

FBI Calls on Apple to Unlock Pensacola Murderer's iPhones

The FBI has asked Apple to unlock two iPhones owned by the Saudi officer who attacked an air and naval base in Pensacola, Florida, killing three people.

FBI iPhone

According to NBC News:

FBI calls on Apple to help unlock two iPhones that investigators say belonged to Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, the man suspected of being responsible for the attack on Pensacola Air Force Base in Florida, where three people died .

In a letter sent to Apple’s attorney general on Monday, the FBI said that although it is authorized by the court to search for the contents of the phones, both are password protected. "Investigators are actively working on" guessing the access codes, but so far they haven't been successful. "

According to the report, the letter says that with Apple, the FBI has contacted other federal agencies, experts from foreign countries, and "known contacts in the third-party supplier community." NBC notes that this last sentence could be a reference to the company that helped the FBI unlock the phone of Syed Farook, guilty of the San Bernardino massacre.

The case opened a long and public battle between Apple and the FBI over the prospect of creating a drobed door on iOS that would allow law enforcement to access data on blocked devices. Apple has remained firm in the belief that the creation of such a tool would irreversibly compromise the security of iOS around the world.

FBI’s efforts to unlock one of the two iPhones were further hampered by the man’s allegedly firing a shot at one of the two devices.