FBI admits interest in Carrier IQ

FBI admits interest in Carrier IQ

The spy software, carrier IQ, installed on many smartphones would be used by the FBI. They play the “fight against terrorism” card to justify themselves.

We’ve talked to you a lot about these last few weeks, the Carrier IQ software, which stores and sends a lot of indiscreet information, is causing a lot of controversy and has not stopped talking about it. Michael Morisy, an American blogger, had the great idea to ask the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation – if they were using the software.

The FBI replied that it did not have to answer this question because this file “Does not fall under the Freedom of Information Act”, which forces the American administration to communicate some of its documents at the request of citizens.

"The material you requested is located in an investigation file that is free from disclosure … Our government is in the midst of the fight against terrorism, the disclosure of this information may reasonably interfere with current legal proceedings."

It is therefore very likely, see, that the FBI uses the Carrier IQ software supposed “Help diagnose problems with the use of smartphones and networks”. The application's publisher, however, quickly challenged the rootkit qualification of its application. She claims to record no data, yet the information seems to be sent somewhere …

On Android, Carrier IQ can record everything, up to the content of messages sent, the addresses of websites visited or even what the user types with his keyboard. Under iOS, Carrier IQ has no access to the interface and cannot save these items, so this is a limit version that can bea priori totally deactivate by not sending Apple diagnostic and usage reports.

An article from last week explains the procedure to follow in order to deactivate it.

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