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Fall of AAPL action after bad news of Coronavirus

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Apple announced yesterday that the company will not meet its targets due to the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic in China. After this announcement, the AAPL stock fell more than 3%.

Apple Action (AAPL)

Apple had previously thought about the uncertainties that the Coronavirus outbreak would cause, while providing exceptionally optimistic indications. Apple had then maintained a larger map precisely in anticipation of the virus’s impact and uncertainties. However, no one expected such dramatic consequences.

The two main factors which will have a significant impact on Apple's quarterly turnover and which are at the origin of this “fall” in forecasts are the iPhone supplies, which will be limited in the world, and the fall in demand for new Apple products in China.

According to Business Insider, news from Apple has started a negative trend in markets around the world. The collapse was also strongly influenced by the crisis in the HSBC banking glove. In fact, he decided to adopt huge downsizing plans. The bank plans to cut 35,000 jobs over the next three years.