Fake PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming to Ikea to help you choose your furniture

Ikea is bringing an interesting novelty to its stores: fake PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles in cardboard in the shelves dedicated to trade shows. The goal is to help you choose the right piece of furniture for your new XXL machine.

PS5 Xbox

Choosing a new TV cabinet is always a headache. In addition to opting for a design that blends perfectly with your interior, you have to find the right size cabinet to place your TV, but also the objects that accompany it. The arrival of the new PS5 and Xbox Series consoles does not make it easier for us, since they are huge, but Ikea would have found the solution.

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Indeed, a Reddit user shared a photo taken in a store where we see the two consoles. These are not the real ones here, but cardboard patterns taking both the shape and the size of the two objects. On the box, you can see the dimensions of the products, but also a little sentence telling us that Ikea helps us choose our perfect piece of furniture for our gigantic console.

The idea is good, even excellent. We have all walked through a store of this type with our tape measure at hand in order to choose the right piece of furniture. No more need with these new bosses, sinceit will just be enough to manipulate them to know if your console will find its place.

XXL consoles

It is true that the new gaming machines are causing some concern to users on this point. If the size of the Xbox Series X is still acceptable, it is the PS5 which is completely out of the ordinary. With its 40 centimeters high, it is the largest console in the history of the media, even ridiculing the first Xbox (2003), long mocked for its overweight.

At the moment, we don’t know if these patterns will arrive in Ikea in Europe, but their presence would be appreciable. A good idea from the Swedish chain, which must also adapt to the XXL size of Sony and Microsoft machines to attract customers.

And you, are you going to have to change furniture for your new console? Have you ever found a way to fit it easily? Tell us in the comments !

Source: Reddit