Fair Tax

Fair Tax accuses Apple of fair tax misconduct

The nonprofit group Fair Tax has accused Apple of "fiscal misconduct" for using aggressive tax measures to bring down its overall tax rate of 17.1 percent in the last ten years, less than half of the tax rate. official 35% expected in the United States.

Fair Tax

Even in the United States, company tax is only levied on profits. As a result, all operating expenses and investments were deducted from total income. In this case, however, the company is not charged with any wrongdoing. Unlike tax evasion, it is perfectly legal, but that means there is less money to spend on public services and infrastructure , explains Fair Tax:

Taxes help finance vital public goods and services and, if paid for, they ensure fair competitive conditions for large and small businesses. We want a future in which all companies are fired to pay their fair share, but profits continue to be transferred to tax havens, particularly in Bermuda, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. When multinationals abuse their fiscal responsibilities to the community, they weaken the support our economies need to function well and create wealth.

Of the six American tech gloves accussed for not paying their fair share of dimpts, Apple is not ranked among the worst offenders. Indeed, it is the penultimate place in front of Microsoft. Cupertino, however, uses a series of tax credits to pay about half of the taxes owed to the United States. Here is the statement of Fair Tax this topic:

Apple stands out as "the biggest contributor in the world" and certainly brings the biggest tax contribution of technology gloves, having paid $ 93.8 billion in income taxes over this decade (with profits of 548 , 7 billion euros and turnover of 1,888 billion). However, the tax bill as a percentage of profits over the decade is still relatively low at 17.1%. The downward trend in the provision for current taxes in relation to foreign profits continues in 2019, with only $ 3.9 billion out of $ 44.3 billion for a current tax rate of 8.9%. .

Amazon is defined as the biggest offender in tax misconduct, followed by Google, Netflix, Apple, and Microsoft. The Fair Tax suggests that it is in the long-term financial interest of large companies to pay a correct amount of taxes, in order to avoid future financial shocks and damage the brand image.

If it is only warnings of Fair Tax, Apple is facing various tax disputes around the world, mainly in Europe.