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A changing market

Evolving marketAs expected for many months, the ISPs are completing their structuring phase. At present: 4 large groups stand out. Orange, leader in the market due to its position as a historic operator. Free, the little one has grown up well and has just bought the luxury of buying the beautiful Alice from Telecom Italia. Nine after having bought half of the sector (Cegetel, AOL, Club Internet) will soon come under the control of SFR. Finally Numericable, the only cable operator in France since its acquisition of Noos.

Other developments to come

With nearly 17 million Internet subscriptions, including 5 million unbundled lines, the French internet market is doing well. The future is with fiber opticsAn optical fiber is a glass or plastic wire. Its diameter is very thin and has an interesting property: conducting light. Surrounded…, but above all to the provision of services. ISPs understand this and are developing their video on demand servicesVideo On Demand. Service consisting in the rental of video content (film or program) that a user can view …. The triple playOffer from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) which includes, in addition to the Internet subscription, a fixed telephone line and a TV decoder, or even… has finished its moult and the quadruple play under the impulse of SFR or Orange begins to point the tip of its nose. How to find your way in this real jungle? The writing of Tom’s Guide inaugurates a theme on Internet service providers. This week, discover FAI by FAI, the back-to-school offers. To be continued next week: the best ISPs for television.

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