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Faced with the success of the iPad, Google abandons tablets


Posted: June 22 2019
Updated: June 22, 2019

by Steve

Apple has triumphed. It was predictable, but the announcement had to relieve and make the apple brand managers jump for joy. Google, a giant with feet of clay obviously, announced yesterday via one of its spokespersons that it was abandoning its efforts on the tablet market. A small victory that is reminiscent of the incredible success ofiPad, which continues to dominate the tablet market even after many years.

“For Google’s top hardware efforts, we will focus on Chrome OS laptops and continue to support Pixel Slate,” the spokesperson told Business Insider. No details have yet filtered on the canceled devices, but the company has still confirmed that it will not produce the next Slate. Initially scheduled to be marketed from 2020, the two Google tablets should have had a size of more than 12.3 inches. Google said it was discontinuing these two products due to “quality assurance issues”.

The 20 employees assigned to the construction of the equipment were informed on Wednesday. Most should be redirected to the Pixelbook. A nice little victory for Apple, even if nothing officially indicates that Google has made this decision in relation to the success of the iPad. At the same time, the Mountain View company will never assume it.