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We like or hate Facebook but the application for Android is rather well designed and pleasant to use for followers. We will particularly appreciate the integration of Facebook chat which should cause major productivity losses, and the new interface which even manages the landscape mode, much more practical for entering messages.

The essential social network has its app

We no longer present Facebook, which has become in a few years THE essential social network. Modification of statutes, comments, publication of photos (which can be marked to recognize people around him) and eccentric applications are part of the daily life of millions of people.

To stay in touch with loved ones even when you are away from the computer, the Facebook application for Android allows you to stay connected to the social network from your smartphone or tablet. For a lighter and less resource-consuming version, choose Facebook Lite

What are its functions?

The application allows you to view contact news (change of status, registration for groups, adding photos), notifications of new events (birthdays, new messages on your wall) and requests to add them.

The user can also navigate through the contact list and even chat with those who are online. To do so, it is necessary to download and install the Facebook Messenger application. Finally, we will appreciate the possibility of taking photos and publishing them, directly from your Android smartphone or sharing moments and events on video via the service. Facebook Live.

What about the interface?

The application interface has evolved considerably over the updates. The news feed is now faithful to the desktop version of the service, a home screen in the form of a mosaic allows you to reorganize and add shortcuts to the functionality of Facebook and your favorite friends.