Facebook: what if we sent anonymous messages?

Facebook: what if we sent anonymous messages?

Image 1: Facebook: what if we sent anonymous messages?

For many months, Facebook launches initiative after initiative, project after project, with the sole aim of tackling tough adversaries in the fields of messaging or social network : Snapchat or Secret. And according to the latest rumors, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg is working on a new application, thanks to which users could stay anonymous.

In an article published on Tuesday on the Bits site dedicated to new technologies, the New york times reveals that the social network would indeed have started “An independent application that allows users to interact without having to use their real name” and whose launch would be planned within next weeks. “The point would be to allow Facebook users to use different pseudonyms to openly discuss the different things they are talking about on the Internet; subjects that they would not necessarily want to see associated with their real name “, details the New york times.

For several years, Facebook wants to be very strict on respecting the official identity of a person. In July 2011, Randy Zuckerberg, the sister of the Facebook founder, then social media marketing director, said that it was necessary “Do away with anonymity on the Internet”. More recently, Facebook drastically applied its rules, asking people transgender or to drag queens to use their civil identity and their official name rather than their usage or stage identity on their profile page.

This desire to Facebook allowing users to chat more freely in a secure space also responds to a wave of ephemeral or anonymous applications for several months. After Snapchat that Facebook tried to buy, then compete via its Poke and Slingshot apps, this next app from social network seems to be an answer to Secret. This application for iOS and Android makes it possible to launch discussion topics in which no participant is identified other than by a small icon chosen at random.