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Facebook wants to manage your Android phone

Facebook wants to manage your Android phone

Facebook definitely has more ideas. Users – but also manufacturers – have not really embraced its Home user interface layer and its goal of replacing the launcher on Android devices. Never mind, the social network returns to the attack in a gentler way with Hello.

This time, it is an application that wants to become the dialer on Android smartphone and thus manage calls and contacts. An idea which is not the prerogative of Facebook which however adds its touch by exploiting its Social Graph.

Hello will display information about a caller even if his number is not stored on the smartphone… as long as he has a duly completed Facebook profile. This also applies to entities with a Facebook page.

The sharing of information will however be limited to what is public or that the two interlocutors have already shared on Facebook. Without juggling other applications, Hello directly supports the search for people and companies on Facebook and the possibility therefore to call them in one click.


Hello also allows you to easily block specific numbers, or even automatically for numbers massively blocked by other users. Contacts can be managed in the traditional way, while Facebook has not omitted to make the link with its Messenger messaging application.

Hello-Facebook-2With now 1.44 billion Facebook users, Hello has enough to gather some useful information but with the obstacle that not everyone necessarily informs the profile adequately. Hello is currently more of a test and its availability is limited in the United States, Brazil and Nigeria.

A wider geographic deployment could follow. The Hello adventure on iOS is however not possible given the access restrictions imposed by Apple. Hello is a new work from Facebook's Creative Labs.