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Facebook wants to compete with eBay and LeBonCoin

You may not be used to it yet, but Facebook is a platform where classified ads flourish. Noting this phenomenon, the network decided to set up a new functionality linked to its search engine: the centralization of all the classified ads on the site.

Facebook Ads Facebook would thus like to collect all the announcements which are published every day by the users of the platform, or at least, allow Internet users to display them through a search engine by filtering them using an algorithm.

With this in mind, Facebook would compete with platforms like eBay or LeBonCoin. Objects can be classified by categories, by price and date of publication.

Until now, Internet users have used "groups" to locate their sales and target buyers in their own city or region. From real estate to services, the platform brings together a host of ads, but everything can seem a little vague, because so far, nothing had been done to highlight or share them on a large scale.

The advantage of ads on Facebook is free, the platform takes no commission on transactions. Despite everything, Facebook will have to invest in the development of a specialized platform, and not a simple search engine, if it really wants to compete with organized sites like LeBonCoin.