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Facebook to Launch New Game Application to Compete With Twitch, YouTube And Mixer Today

Facebook is launching a new shoot for gaming today with the launch of a new Facebook mobile gaming app to compete with video game streaming platforms Twitch, YouTube and Mixer.

The app will be available today for Android and is awaiting approval on iOS, and will see the social network try to take advantage of the direct access it has to its public to push the new service.

The application will focus on mobile games, using the Go Live function which allows users to download mobile games streams on the same device, these will then appear directly on personal Facebook pages and without the complications of configuration applications like Streamlabs on PC for Twitch streams. Facebook hopes it will be a more attractive and accessible configuration for streamers and viewers, especially when mobile games now include basic games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Facebook application manager Fiji Simo, who told NYTI investing in gaming in general, has become a priority for us because we see gaming as a form of entertainment that truly connects people. "It is entertainment that is not just a form of passive consumption, but interactive entertainment that brings people together."

Facebook claims that around 700 million of its 2.5 billion monthly users engage with game content, making this app a new natural arne to explore for the business. The release of the application was scheduled for June, but with the coronavirus pandemic noting an increase in games to pass the time, they have advanced the release. Future plans could include new tournament functionality, with all of the pandemic-related gaming projects accelerated.

The company's gaming vice president, Vivek Sharma, also said he wanted to have more intense and active engagement from the streams. "We don't want to be the background window in a Chrome tab while someone is doing homework or doing something else," he said. "With mobile, if the application is open and you use it, it is in the foreground. There is nothing else you can do on your mobile phone, and it is extremely powerful."

I guess he never saw anyone supporting a tablet or phone while doing something else …

Source: NYT via VGC