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Facebook Messenger

What to do with Facebook Messenger?

Besides the Facebook application allowing to consult and publish information on his profile or that of his friends, it can be interesting to be able to chat with his contacts through a dedicated application. Facebook Messenger is a strong competitor to WhatsApp and offers sending messages and making calls for free on Android.

Its functionalities:

Over the updates, the application has been enriched with new functions such as voice calls between contacts. The discussions are more attractive thanks to the numerous stickers and the preview of the files, which is useful when sending photos or videos. The user can also record voice messages to share them with loved ones.

Among other features, Facebook Messenger is able to activate geolocation to indicate that the user is close to his contacts. It is also possible to organize group discussions and receive a notification when a message is received.

A very easy to use app:

Facebook Messenger has a clear and intuitive interface like chat bubbles to chat while using other applications.