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Facebook Messenger: why is my message sent but not delivered?

Wondering why your Facebook conversations are on hold? We’ll show you how Messenger handles your discussions and how to update them. To no longer stay cold with your recipients!

Image 1: Facebook Messenger: why is my message sent but not delivered?

You sent a message to one of your Facebook contacts, but you are not sure if the message was seen, read, or ignored by the recipient. Facebook does offer an acknowledgment system … but it can be confused with its different terms “sent”, “delivered” or “seen”. Here are some explanations to see more clearly.

Image 2: Facebook Messenger: why is my message sent but not delivered?

It all depends on your recipient

When you send a message to a correspondent on Facebook, this one appears in the discussion, followed by the mention “sent”. It is accompanied by an icon representing a blue check mark on a white background. Concretely, this means that the message has been sent to his mailbox and that a notification must warn him of the word that awaits him. The message will remain in this “sent” state until the user clicks on the associated notification or opens the conversation to read the message. However, it is possible that he saw this notification pass without interacting with it. Note also that if the user filters the messages received in a particular folder or refuses the conversation (in the case of a new conversation with a person who is not in your contacts), the message will remain in this state indefinitely.

When your correspondent clicks on the notification or opens the conversation, the message goes “delivered”, and is accompanied by a white check mark on a blue background. Facebook knows your contact has seen the message, but that doesn’t mean that the content has been read yet.

When the message is considered “Read” by Facebook, the icon will be replaced by your contact’s profile picture. This means that the messaging service considers that it has read the content of the message.

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