Facebook Messenger app will integrate Skype

Facebook Messenger app will integrate Skype

The Skype video conferencing service is about to launch on the Facebook Messenger application, while the latter will also be compatible with the iPad.

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Continued development on mobile platforms continues to grow at Facebook. In evidence the latest revelations of the site 9to5mac which indicates, with screenshots, that the Facebook Messenger application is set to evolve very soon. At least and first of all on the iPhone application of Facebook Messenger since it is brought to receive the integration of the Skype video conferencing service. Facebook Messenger is also intended to land in the form of an application compatible with the iPad, but it will rely on the basic applications that are currently found in the iPhone application, namely: an inbox for messages, instant messaging (chat), a push notification service and the ability to discover the locations of friends on a map (the Places feature). Finally and according to the same source, Facebook Messenger is also expected to land on the Android platform.

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