Facebook is considering hiding the number of likes

Facebook lost 15 million users in the USA in 2 years

Facebook is losing momentum: the number 1 social network in the world continues to record an exodus of users tired of scandals and more and more attracted by smaller networks, but offering more qualitative contacts.


The firm Edison Research announces that between 2017 and 2019, Facebook would have lost 15 million users in the USA, or 6% of the users in the country. It is among the youngest audience that the exodus is most important: 62% of only 12-34 year olds now use Facebook every day compared to 79% in 2017.

The average age on Facebook is increasing every year: people over 55 have gone from 49 to 53% in just two years. And for Facebook, the problem is significant since it is above all the young audience which is the preferred target of advertisers.

Despite everything, the group recovers part of the users on the run on its other networks: Instagram and WhatsApp.