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Facebook Lite203

The application Facebook Lite is a light version that saves space, mobile data and resources. Ideal for old phones or restricted data plans, this app allows you not to miss anything from your friends, post publications or chat in pairs or in groups! It is also advisable to install messenger lite.

A light and simple app

Facebook Lite is an Android application, a light version of Facebook that allows you to use and access the social network on old phones, to save mobile data or to work on all networks including 2G or on an unstable network.

If the application was initially intended for emerging countries, the application has enjoyed some success all over the world (with more than a billion downloads) thanks to its efficiency and above all its appreciable lightness compared to its classic version. .

Compatible with devices running Android 2.2 or higher, this version is therefore light and optimized to consume little system and data resources thanks to image optimization and daily, daily and monthly monitoring of data usage.

Also note that some features have been removed to make the application as light as possible, which explains the fact that you also consume less data on your phone plan in the end (because the servers are less stressed).

Find your social network identically

Visually, little changes, the user thus finds the news feed which presents the photos and publications of friends, his profile or all of his photo albums. It is also possible to access pages, groups and their administration panels, Instagram and events.

The app supports notifications and offers to converse in pairs or in groups thanks to the Messenger Lite app which must be downloaded separately. This messaging is also optimized for saving resources and data.

The application keeps its promises?

On paper everything seems perfect, in practice it is also the case. Overall there is a real responsiveness of the application and additional comfort in use. On old and newer phones, it is therefore very pleasant to use.

In terms of data consumption, there is also a real difference. When you are at a reduced speed in particular, you can continue to access Facebook without much problem. This is another use that we could find in this Lite version.

If you used the classic application and want to switch to the Lite version, don’t panic either: you won’t be lost. Everything is quite similar. We almost wonder why the classic application has not been redesigned to bring it more lightness as well.