Facebook: how to consult your personal data

Facebook is constantly collecting a colossal amount of information about you. Each of your actions, whether it’s a “like” on the social network, your location or even your browsing and preferences on other sites generates data. Here’s how to view or download them.

Facebook Personal data
Credit: Unsplash

The social network Facebook bases its economic model, like many other Internet services, onuse of personal data. These are used to present you with ever more suitable content, whether it is suggestions from groups or friends, or, above all, of course, advertising content.

Users are not necessarily aware of the degree or extent of this collection. But this tutorial should help you see things more clearly.

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Facebook home page

It is very simple :

  • From the facebook home page click on the arrow at the top right as in the illustration above
  • Go to Settings and privacy> Settings

Facebook settings

  • Click on Your facebook information in the left column
  • Click on See on the right of Access your information

Consult facebook personal data

You then have access to a page that lists all your data in many categories. Click on each of them to view your linked personal data.

For that :

  • From the facebook home page click on the arrow at the top right, after your avatar and the other buttons to its right
  • Go to Settings and privacy> Settings
  • Click on Your facebook information in the left column
  • Click on See on the right of Upload your information

Download Facebook personal data

You can then select all or part of your personal data. The period field allows you to restrict the data to a specific period of time, if you are doing a specific search for example.

  • Once the data has been selected, click on Create file

After a period of time ranging from a few hours to a few days, you will receive an email and a notification announcing the availability of the file for downloading. To go further, see our dedicated tutorial How to upload your personal data to Facebook.

Facebook: what data does the social network collect about you

We told you, beyond your name, first name, address and any other data that you send to Facebook voluntarily, the collection of the social network is massive. And that should not work out with the new terms of use of other Facebook services like WhatsApp. To give you an idea, here is the list of categories of personal data that Facebook collects at the moment:

  • Publications
  • Photos and videos
  • Comments
  • Likes and reactions
  • Friends
  • Stories
  • Subscribers and subscriptions
  • Messages
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Profile information
  • Pages
  • Marketplace
  • Payment history
  • Elements and saved collections
  • Your places (location)
  • Applications and websites connected to Facebook
  • Other activity (pokes and other data)
  • Facebook Gaming
  • Interactions
  • Basket
  • Archive
  • Short videos
  • Accounts added to the Accounts Area
  • Awards
  • Advertising preferences and companies
  • Search history
  • About you
  • Login and security information
  • Your subjects
  • Voice recordings and transcriptions