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Facebook for iOS finally allows sharing

Facebook for iOS finally allows sharing

The Facebook application for iOS is now equipped with the “Sharing” functionality.


After updating the mobile version of its website, Facebook wasted no time in offering an update to its iOS app as well. Stamped "5.2", this new version of the application allows, according to its description to share, information from its contacts, possibly adding a comment and to configure the confidentiality of each sharing. This functionality is added to the Jaime and Comment buttons already present in the application. However, the latter would not yet work quite correctly if we believe the testimonies of our Internet users. Indeed, they claim that this new feature is only displayed in the English version of the application. However, it would work without problem – in all available languages ​​- on the iPad version. There is no doubt that the Facebook teams are working to correct this bug.

Another interesting novelty, it is now possible to reference one of your contacts in any post, comment or photo.

In addition, smileys and other mojis are now available in writing messages.

Finally, it is now possible to sort the news feeds thanks to the arrival of a feature located in the left sidebar of the application.

Download the universal Facebook app for iOS for free.

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