Facebook explains nudity

Facebook explains nudity

The first social network in the world puts online what it calls the Community Standards which are used for moderation for its teams. An effort to clarify with more than 1.39 billion Facebook users in order to better explain to them what they can share or not.

There is no change in the rules of use but a kind of text explanation with Facebook which for example teaches us what nudity or hate speech is. Or more precisely… what that means in Facebook language.

The clarification effort in itself is commendable, but if it intervenes it is because obviously, the rules of use, however many times simplified, are still not sufficiently clear. However, are they only read by users?

Regarding nudity on Facebook, which is being talked about again in France with the old case of the account suspended due to the publication of a representation of the painting "The Origin of the World", it is explained:

"Users sometimes share nudity scenes as part of awareness campaigns or artistic projects. We limit the display of nudity scenes because certain audiences in our global community may be sensitive to this type of content, in particular by their culture or their age. "

Similarly, it can be read that photographs of the genitals or buttocks " fully exposed "are deleted. Haro on images of female breasts if they show the nipple but Facebook will turn a blind eye to photos of breastfeeding or showing post-mastectomy scars.

Available in several languages ​​including French, the Community Standards are organized around four themes relating to abusive content, respectful behavior, account security and protection of intellectual property. There is mention of another hot topic of the moment with terrorism.

"We do not authorize the presence on Facebook of organizations involved in terrorist activities. […] We also remove content that expresses support for these groups. […] Support, praise the leaders of these same organizations, or endorse their violent activities, is not allowed. "

The explanation of text also comes after the initiatives of Reddit and Twitter against revenge porn. Facebook is on the same page.