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Facebook executive tackles Apple: an “exclusive club” for the wealthy


Posted: June 26 2019
Updated: June 25, 2019

by Steve

If they are both part of GAFA, Facebook and Apple nonetheless, it is different in their vision of the world. While the first aims to reach as many people as possible with a free tool, the second prefers to impose premium products and obtain an incomparable brand image. In the past few months, several spades have been launched between the two players. The latest comes from Nick Clegg, Facebook communications manager, during a speech in Berlin.

“Facebook is free – it’s for everyone,” said the executive. “Other large tech companies make money by selling expensive hardware or subscription services, or in some cases both, to consumers in regions with developed and richer economies. It is an exclusive club, accessible only to aspiring consumers who can afford to buy high-value equipment and services. ”

And to continue: “There is no exclusivity on Facebook. No VIP access. No business class, “said Nick Clegg. “Our services are also available to students in Guatemala, cattle breeders in the Midwest in the United States, office workers in Mumbai, young tech companies in Nairobi, and taxi drivers in Berlin. More than two billion people use our platforms – because they can. ” In short, a nice little spike that could make Apple think.