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Facebook: connection in French is impossible

Are you unable to read your Facebook posts that appear in a foreign language? Don’t panic: setting the default French language is very simple and won’t take you more than a minute!

Image 1: Facebook: connection in French is impossible

You try to connect to Facebook, as usual, and there surprise: the site refuses to load in French. Whether it’s a bug or the result of a bad joke, navigating a site without understanding its language can be tiring. Here is how to (re) configure your navigation in the language of Molière.

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Change the language of your Facebook application

From the Facebook home page, click on the drop-down menu (symbolized by an arrow pointing down), at the top right of the upper banner. Choose ” Settings ”, Or the penultimate menu in the list. Then choose the section ” Language ”, Or the penultimate menu in the second section on the left of the page.

On this new page, the very first line asks you the language in which you want to use Facebook. Click on the link” Edit On the right and choose French so that everything returns to normal.

Image 2: Facebook: connection in French is impossible

This menu also offers several other options that you can configure while you are at it. You will have the possibility to indicate the language in which you want the site to automatically translate the contents, the languages ​​which you already know… and the languages ​​which you do not wish to see translated automatically.

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Activate automatic translation for your Facebook content

Finally, you can activate or deactivate the function allowing you to publish your content in several languages. These will then be automatically translated if a user speaking a foreign language comes to read them.

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