Facebook at work is discovered

Facebook at work is discovered

Extensively tested internally by employees of Mark Zuckerberg's firm, Facebook at Work was the subject of a big rumor at the end of 2014. It is no longer a rumor but a reality with a pilot program reserved for a few partner companies .

Employees of these will be able to download a mobile application for iOS or Android (soon available) and have access to Facebook at Work for desktop computer.

Facebook-at-WorkFacebook at Work offers well-known Facebook tools, including news feed, groups, messages and events to interact with employees, but has been designed specifically for the business world. And no question of mixing with a personal Facebook account.

Things shared with a Facebook at Work account (note that the profile automatically incorporates information provided by the employer) are only visible to other people in the same company. However, it is possible to access from a professional account content that is shared publicly on Facebook.

At this point, Facebook points out that Facebook at Work is a tool for coworkers to communicate and collaborate in a professional environment on Facebook.

Facebook at Work could be a new source of income for the social media giant. However, the applicant has not disclosed any monetization plan for the moment. It's hard to imagine that this service will ultimately be free.

It also remains to be seen whether companies will trust Facebook, which sometimes has difficulty convincing individuals that they are not being spied on or concerning data exploitation.