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Facebook application works normally – Belgium-iPhone

Facebook application works normally - Belgium-iPhone

A technical problem prevented the Facebook application from operating normally this Thursday evening. The problem has now been resolved.


This Thursday evening, during the release of iOS 6.0.1 by Apple, a good number of users complained that they found that the Facebook application was no longer working normally. In practice, when the user launched the application, it “crashed” and then unexpectedly quit.

While one might wonder if the cause of this problem was related to the arrival of iOS 6.0.1, a good number of Internet users – not having made this last update – were also concerned by this problem. According to the site The Next Web, however, the problem had nothing to do with the latest update to Apple’s iOS, but rather came directly from Facebook. The source of the problem was a faulty server in the social media glove that allegedly caused this situation.

With that, a Facebook team has been working on the problem without delay and since this Friday morning, the application is re-functioning normally.

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