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Facebook app for iOS automatically transfers photos

Facebook app for iOS automatically transfers photos

Since Monday, the Facebook application for iOS has automatically transferred photos taken from an iOS device to a private album on the social network.


Less than two weeks ago, the site TechCrunch revealed the information that Facebook application for iOS was about to get a new feature. Called Photo Sync, this feature is now active as of Monday and offers the possibility of automatically “uploading” photos taken from your iPhone or iPad to a private album. This new feature makes it easier to share snapshots, as long as the user does not forget to clean up in this folder

To take advantage of this new functionality, go to your profile, open the Photos folder and then go to the “Synchronis” functionality. If you activate the functionality, the photos taken with the camera under iOS will be immediately transferred to the private folder which only the Facebook member will have access to. He could then check the photos he wants to make public …

note that Photo Sync is currently in the testing phase on Android.

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