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With its quality effects and filters, FaceApp for Android is one of the best applications to transform your selfies and see yourself older, younger or with different hairstyles. A free application that stands out for its impressive results based on artificial intelligence. To be tested urgently!

The best facial transformations on Android

With a real craze when it was released in summer 2019, the Android and iOS FaceApp app stood out thanks to the selfie transformations it offers. Thanks to high quality artificial and filters, it is very easy to transform your selfies or photos from your gallery to change your appearance with impressive quality.

The modifications available

Among the available filters, the application stood out thanks to the one allowing you to see yourself older. FaceApp also allows you to change your hairstyle, add a smile, see yourself with a mustache or beard, younger or thanks to a filter that smoothes and masks skin imperfections. Even if the result is not perfect, it is clear that it is one of the best available to the general public in the form of application.FaceApp
Besides the face, the background can be changed and replaced with the image of your choice. Filters also allow you to adjust colors, apply lens blur, vignette effect and various parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature of the image, as well as its sharpness and grain.

Many controversies

FaceApp is like Facebook or Snapchat, a company that can use the private data of users, here photos. To learn more about FaceApp and the precautions to take:

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