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FaceApp: how to rejuvenate / age in your photos?

Do you want to know what you will look like in 20 years? Or to “lift” you? (re) Discover FaceApp.

Faceapp grow old selfie

The applicationFaceApp is an image processing program that allows you to apply age filters to rejuvenate or age a person. Once the app is installed, you will be asked for two permissions. That of sending the photos to the FaceApp server (in Russia) and that of being able to read the photos on your phone.

When you have granted permissions, select the source of the photos from the main screen. Namely: selfie, photo stored on your smartphone or from Facebook.

faceapp download photo smartphone facebook

Once the photo is selected, select Age in the list of filters:

age faceapp photo

Then select the filter Old to age you (or Cool old to also add a beard). Prefer the function Young to rejuvenate you.

old beard faceapp young

Then select Apply bottom right to validate the transformation and be able to download the image or share it directly on social networks.

Note, once downloaded, you can again apply the filters on an image. This can give you an idea of ​​what you will look like in the next 20 or 40 years. Rather judge:

photo faceapp aging

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