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FaceApp: how to delete your account and photos?

Do you fear the recovery of your personal data via FaceApp? Here’s how to get rid of the application permanently.

delete faceapp photos privacy

FaceApp notifies you when you launch the application for the first time: the images you want to age or rejuvenate go through the company’s servers. Said company being based in Russia despite the address indicated in the United States on the application stores. If after the fact, you are no longer in sync with your choice, here is how to have your photos deleted.

The company does not offer any direct options from FaceApp or from its website. To deactivate your account and associated photos, you will have to write to them from the application. Once open, select the Options top left then Assistance.

write customer service faceapp unsubscribe

In Assistance, select Complaint then explain your request.

complaint faceapp security photos

To see your request succeed more quickly, we suggest that you write them directly in English. Below is a standard message asking them to delete your account and associated data.

Hello, for privacy purposes, I would like to have my account deleted as well as all data collected from my phone. Looks.

Then confirm the sending of the message, the company does not provide any information on the processing time, you just have to wait.

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