Face Tesla, a secret automotive project in preparation at Apple?

What is behind the flow of employees passing from'Apple to Tesla and vice versa? The mysterious vehicles wrapped in sensors rented by the Cupertino group and crisscrossing the USA are they preparing a type of mapping service StreetView or are they the beginnings of vehicles without driver at the firm at the apple?

Pioneer Carplay These different elements fuel speculation around Apple's secret projects in the automotive sector. After all, the Californian giant is already present in the niche with its infotainment system CarPlay operated by several car manufacturers.

The site Business Insider claims to have received information from a source at Apple regarding an automotive project to make Tesla green with envy.

If employees from the Cupertino group come to Tesla, others come from there and were recruited for their knowledge in the fields of mechanics, production and robotics.

The information provided is very vague, the site is limited to speculating on the possibility of the design of a vehicle (autonomous?) At Apple, which is not really in its field of activity but which we have seen during the fair CES 2015 from Las Vegas that this is a subject that tickles a lot of high-tech companies and manufacturers.

More likely, the project in question is a extension of the CarPlay system allowing extensive control of a vehicle, from opening the doors to the on-board control system and to the entertainment possibilities, fully controllable from an iOS device.