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Face ID with notch could arrive on the next MacBook

Face ID MacBook

A new patent shows that Apple is working on porting Face ID to offer facial recognition on the next MacBook. This module was launched for the first time on the iPhone X and is still used on the iPhone 11. It will also be used on the iPhone 12 expected this fall.

MacBook Face ID

In concrete terms, Apple plans to integrate Face ID into its Macs for security reasons: By performing these complex functions, sensitive data associated with these users can be collected and / or stored by these computer devices. says Apple. To prevent unauthorized users from accessing this sensitive data, these computing devices may incorporate user authentication systems and mechanisms.

As we can see in the illustration, the famous notch, if described, is present. It remains to be seen whether it will really be when a MacBook with Face ID is released. This is not certain, since the iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 are equipped with Face ID without a notch. Apple has integrated the TrueDepth system into the black border at the top of the tablet. It is so well hidden that it can hardly be distinguished. This same process could very well be used in future MacBooks.

If this patent portends the arrival of a beautiful novelty on MacBook, Apple does not say when it will be implemented.