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Face ID of the iPhone X: other uses than facial recognition?

iphone x truedepth - Face ID de l

iphone x truedepth - Face ID de l

In addition to offering a new design, theiPhone X will benefit from a new functionality, facial recognition. This is the new phone unlocking system developed by Apple. Also called Face ID, the option could have other uses.

With its OLED screen using almost the entire surface of the front part, the iPhone X is the first model in the range of smartphones from Apple to abandon the Home button. The latter serves as a support for the fingerprint sensor to unlock the screen. The tenth anniversary iPhone thus abandons the system in favor of Face ID facial recognition.

iphone x truedepth - Face ID of the iPhone X: other uses than facial recognition?The TrueDepth system collects data with the camera, then the sensors decipher the geometry specific to the user’s face and compare it with the information protected by the Secure Enclave of the A11 Bionic chip.Says Apple on its site. Contrary to popular belief, TrueDepth is not a revolution. The functionality is actually the combination of a camera with proximity detector and infrared sensor.

Our colleagues from rightly compare the TrueDepth with the Kinect of the Xbox. As a reminder, this device, intended for the Microsoft game console, allows you to play without having to use a controller. This suggests that in the future, it may be possible to control the iPhone X remotely, thanks to a simple software update.