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Face ID deceived with a pair of glasses and scotch tape

Face ID deceived with a pair of glasses and scotch tape

face id iconThis is not the first time, certainly not the last but every time we bypass Face ID, we are curious. Indeed, Apple's facial recognition, Face ID, is much more efficient than that of competitors thanks in particular to the TrueDepth sensor which maps the face in 3D. This time, the iPhone was fooled with a pair of glasses and scotch tape by Tencent researchers.

face id deception x glasses black hat


Face ID mistaken twice

During the Black Hat conference, researchers from the Chinese glove who, for example, have many jailbreak demonstrations, managed to deceive Face ID thanks to the Require Attention for Face ID function. The latter only unlocks the iPhone if the user is looking at it. Out, by doing reverse engineering, Tencent researchers have broken down how this option works. They therefore created a black area in place of the eyes, by affixing tape on a pair of glasses, taking care to put a white square in the center of each. The iPhone saw nothing but fire and opened its doors.

To go further in the demonstration, the hackers then launched a banking app and succeeded Send money with this same technique, since the validation of the transaction goes through Face ID. This second point is more worrying, because all banks, or almost, trust the biometric sensors of the iPhone, whether Face ID or Touch ID.

On the other hand, to achieve this, it will still be necessary to have the owner's head and put on glasses. Unless he's sleeping, it's not obvious. Will Apple add an algorithm to avoid this? iOS 13 or iOS 14 will tell us.