Face Apple and Samsung in high-end, manufacturers will focus on the mid-range in 2015

The group Apple again demonstrated in the last quarter of 2014 the success of its smartphones Iphone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, despite a price that remains high-end over the years. For its part, Samsung has unveiled models Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge who seem to be acclaimed by operators in the form of pre-orders before actual marketing.

And to underscore its intention to correct the situation after a somewhat difficult year in 2014, the Korean giant stressed that it intended to rely on a strategy highlighting smartphones taking advantage of premium materials (metal, glass …), advanced features and the latest mobile technologies.

Galaxy S6 Edge comp 02 While being ready to decline some of the characteristics of its mid-range models, the group will therefore remain firmly anchored in the high-end segment.

The strong presence of the two leaders Apple and Samsung at the top of the range should encourage other manufacturers to focus their efforts mid-range, observers in Asian production chains report.

Groups like Huawei, ZTE or Xiaomi in China but also Sony Mobile or LG Electronics would consider that the high-end segment is likely to be saturated by Apple and Samsung products, and in fact difficult to access.

Rather than highlighting different high-end models that are difficult to sell in volume, other manufacturers should seek to strengthen themselves in the mid-range to preserve their market shares, the site observes. Digitimes. In reality, these mid-range smartphones will not make a huge compromise on functionality but will play on lower price categories.

This strategy will also put pressure on component suppliers who expect a fall in prices, particularly in the segments of screens and touch modules, Digitimes.