F8 2019: new Facebook design, Secret Crush and other new features

The F8 started on April 30 and ended yesterday, May 1. Facebook has of course announced some of its plans, ranging from the evolution of the design to the implementation of Secret Crush. We explain everything to you.

Changes on the Facebook social network

Mark Zuckerberg is looking to entice users by announcing several new features. The first is visual: the interface of the social network will change. It even has a name, FB5, and will indicate changes both on the Facebook webpage and on the app. To put it simply, there’s a lot less blue, more white, and it’s been revamped. It’s prettier and more modern, that’s for sure. You can watch it below. Note that Messenger will also have a new interface.

acebook also makes other changes. On the market side, payments and shipping will now be accessible directly from the platform (at least in the US initially). Groups will also become larger, sharing will be made easier and new features will be added. Finally, some will appreciate the arrival of Facebook Dating, which works in a fairly straightforward way: you add the people you like to a list and if you end up on theirs as well, then you have a crush on you. Facebook insists this feature will be confidential, before the crush is declared no contact will know whether or not they are on your list.

Changes on Instagram

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, will also evolve. A fundraising system will be put in place so that NGOs can get money. Facebook / Instagram insists on their blog that “100% of the money raised on Instagram will go to the non-profit organization you support”. Influencers will also be able to offer products directly for purchase. But the real novelty probably lies in the possibility of creating a new type of story: after the photo / video aspect, users will see the “Create” option allowing them to write texts, surveys, etc.

Whatsapp and others

WhatsApp is also moving in a business-oriented direction, with companies now able to display the product catalog on the service. Zuckerberg also said that Portal and Portal + will be coming internationally. Finally, SparkAR will be accessible to all developers.

privacy policy

To conclude on the topic of confidentiality: Facebook has defined 6 principles that will apply to its products.

  • Private interactions
  • Dimensions
  • Safety and security
  • Interoperability
  • Secure data storage
  • Reduced permanence [ce qui semble un peu abstrait]

These are nice words, but with a business model like Facebook’s, their interpretation remains questionable. We’ll see!