F1 2013 available on the Mac App Store

F1 2013 - F1 2013 disponible sur le Mac App Store

Feral Interactive today announced the release on Mac of F1 2013, the new version of its phrase racing game in Formula 1. F1 2013 puts you in the seat of advanced cars on real tracks and against famous drivers of the 1980s and 1990s.

F1 2013 - F1 2013 available on the Mac App StoreFeatures include a Career mode, which recreates the entire 2013 season, a Grand Prix mode, which allows you to create personalized championships, and a Scenario mode offering 20 challenges inspired by real racing situations in Formula 1. Multiplayer is also supported (16 simultaneous runners from the Steam version, a screen divided into offline mode for the Mac App Store).

Finally, F1 2013 is available in two versions: a standard edition and a “Classic Edition”, which includes six cars from the 1990s and legendary drivers Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher. Two additional tracks are also present: Imola (San Marino) and Estoril (Portugal).

Download F1 2013 (49.99 €)